The Jankiest EXTREME Gaming Setup - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

4 apr. 2021
2 223 245 Weergaven

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David went above and beyond for this one, that's for sure.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • more imu with pc and mb pcie lanes

    Rex BairdRex Baird11 minuten geleden
  • haha i use harry potter books to hold up my monitors

    Elon MuskElon Musk2 uur geleden
  • Aww thats my graphics card 😔

    Andrew J. SantucciAndrew J. Santucci4 uur geleden
  • I looked up linus stripping screws and this was the first result.

    1403 gavin1403 gavin5 uur geleden
  • Cool 😎

    Abdullah 2460Abdullah 24605 uur geleden
  • 21:14 ight, linus (tv one) just vibing wearing his face, imma drink to that.

    OT DinoOT Dino5 uur geleden
  • If those lenses were built 7 years ago, I'm not sure David knows when the cold war happened and when East Germany ended

    MikeMike6 uur geleden
  • Love how they don't even include a link for the GPU in the description. Have to be realistic.

    Jay McfarlaneJay Mcfarlane6 uur geleden
  • In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

    Laura BrownLaura Brown7 uur geleden
  • david is so nice and linus is like a little girl shouting at her mom

    Jolly PalangueJolly Palangue7 uur geleden
  • This video was a wild ride, and i didn't like it one bit

    Jay HernandezJay Hernandez7 uur geleden
  • Could just do like a part 2 to this whole... Mess

    Maxwell J. S.Maxwell J. S.7 uur geleden
  • Nothing has topped Dennis' "minimalist" setup yet

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake9 uur geleden
  • Shoulda gone amd

    Ryan AbellRyan Abell9 uur geleden
  • Could you link the hight adjustable legs

    Dangrows_zaDangrows_za10 uur geleden
  • At 11:47 I needed a full 5 minutes to mentally recover from the shock while the air rushed into my lungs.

    Ear ReadMusicEar ReadMusic11 uur geleden
  • Jesus... I started sneazing after seeing those fans... 😅 😅 😅

    Eloi CostaEloi Costa12 uur geleden
  • He has the sickest setup never gets old I rewatch this like 10 times

    stxbby waspogstxbby waspog13 uur geleden
  • I have a 60 buck capture card for xbox and switch works alsome

    horror gaminghorror gaming17 uur geleden
  • If your friends why the masks?

    horror gaminghorror gaming17 uur geleden
  • 7:52 that noise thooooooo

    Blu FlameBlu Flame18 uur geleden
  • 4;28 who else was watching linus on the tv while also watching linus talk lmao

    Blu FlameBlu Flame18 uur geleden
  • Episode Mr Harry Potter The host of the show thanks he is a water cooler man or a Waterboy for the soccer team

    Stephen LordStephen Lord20 uur geleden
  • Whats the legs called

    Veer MungrooVeer Mungroo20 uur geleden
  • I though he was gonna mention his armpits

    Dr DoofensmirtsDr Doofensmirts21 uur geleden
  • all that money and you got a fucking i3? lol

    iimisfito yoiimisfito yo22 uur geleden
    • He's probly going to switch to ryzen but intel wouldn't let him get one so he just got a cheap i3

      Sarthak RajSarthak Raj9 uur geleden
  • Ah yes, the cutting-edge "adaptive standards" method

    You_justYou_just22 uur geleden
  • Dude you can tell Linus and David have been friends for ages.

    DokiBrokiDokiBroki22 uur geleden
  • The Shit your employees make you go through

    Andrew PedersonAndrew Pederson22 uur geleden
  • linus, can you put together a list of pc parts that would be good for a 1k budget?? it would be much appreciated if u did :)

    • (btw Canadian dollars)

  • David's laugh sounds like a drunk meerkat

    squardedsquardedDag geleden
  • 9:59 David: “Is it not gonna fit? It fits! *Look!* Just shove it!.. Shove it *harder!* It’s cool. 😏” 😶

    MarkLoboMarkLoboDag geleden
  • this man has sweatmarks and is proud of them

    FortniteBoy420FortniteBoy420Dag geleden
  • I can’t believe Linus wasn’t wearing a mask smh

    Anthony SacheliAnthony SacheliDag geleden
  • so a basic priced system, just with a $3000 GPU

    Brian DiffenderferBrian DiffenderferDag geleden
  • i think he's secretly a dolphin

    DuckDuckDag geleden
  • Dang, it’s almost like intel should let you make a video on me (;

    RekiRekiDag geleden
  • Give Madison 5k next time, it would be really fun to see.

    CracklordCracklordDag geleden
  • Guy needs to spend his budget on some deodorant 2:51

    yankkeyankkeDag geleden
  • sad that no one has bought an oscilloscope with the money

    Stephen NehrbassStephen NehrbassDag geleden
  • Yvonne: "What did I marry? and now Mikala: "Welcome to my life", tag team, 16:44.

    YouTube CommenterYouTube CommenterDag geleden
  • i'm kinda new in this channel but... can anyone tell me where did he stream?

    Koko BaskoroKoko BaskoroDag geleden
  • Linus naming his bitches at the end

    im dead insideim dead insideDag geleden
  • 0:58 them fuckin pits holy shit

  • “ I got enough hair to make another dog “ Is really funny Linus

    Abhinandan MadivalaAbhinandan MadivalaDag geleden
  • Wish I could do a 5k pc upgrade for myself I'm still using a Dell latitude I don't know all I know is the laptop was released 2010 that's how old it is

    Corne TredouxCorne TredouxDag geleden

    Alex ReadAlex ReadDag geleden
  • so.... he gonna use core i3 w/ a 3080?!?!?

    PotatoePotatoeDag geleden
  • I can’t wait for the day when somebody makes an all AMD rig using Intel’s money.

    Abdurehman MalikAbdurehman MalikDag geleden
  • “I got enough hair to make another dog”

    Ansh PatelAnsh PatelDag geleden
  • "You can get David out of the janky setup but you cant get the janky setup out of david" is now one of my favorite quotes from this channel

    ClumbusClumbusDag geleden
  • In my main pc I have the same cpu and motherboard as his nas , I have it with a 8gb asus rx 570 and I also have my i3 water cooled with a 240mm rad

    CluelessGameDevCluelessGameDevDag geleden
  • I3 10100k ah yes

    CluelessGameDevCluelessGameDevDag geleden
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Dan DesmondDan DesmondDag geleden
  • Never seen some use their armpits to assert so much dominance

    HarrybobHarrybobDag geleden

    Dylan TaylorDylan TaylorDag geleden
    • bro please dont be doing this. just stream till you get there commenting on big youtubers videos is not a good idea, youll get more hate than anything probably

      Malcolm VennMalcolm VennDag geleden
  • This Upgrade series has been such a big success. I'm excited when I see a new one, I get very different content based on the person and their setup and it can be pretty funny. I love this. Thank you.

    Matt HunkeeMatt HunkeeDag geleden
  • That definitely costs more then 5k

    Ulrik IfflandUlrik IfflandDag geleden
  • please do mine Sir Linus !!!!

    Patatas RiderPatatas RiderDag geleden
  • I doubt he'll see my comment, but the powerplay negates the need for a dongle. I use a G903 for my setup (I know I'm weird stfu), and as long as my mouse has been on my mousepad, it doesn't require the dongle. If it doesn't connect originally through the powerplay, you plug your dongle it, put your mouse onto the mousepad, wait until the powerplay displays a connection, and remove the dongle. I can move across the room and still use my g903, it just connects straight to my powerplay rather than my dongle.

    Issa Me TikiIssa Me TikiDag geleden
  • 28:03 katya?

    aron rodaron rodDag geleden
  • David the Jankmaster

    Pickle JohnsonPickle JohnsonDag geleden
  • So this is the man who has that amazing laugh that I always hear behind the camera

    sowaKunsowaKunDag geleden
  • Love the new intro Linus.

    Oxroy VFXOxroy VFX2 dagen geleden
  • His room and everything is horrible. Please spend some money.

    Thor McgeeThor Mcgee2 dagen geleden
  • David as a addicting laugh

    Navjot ChaggarNavjot Chaggar2 dagen geleden
  • How do I sign up for this

    Wyatt LothridgeWyatt Lothridge2 dagen geleden
    • its easy just work for linus duh

      Malcolm VennMalcolm VennDag geleden
  • david can i have old setup :3

    quan nguyenquan nguyen2 dagen geleden
  • wow seems like my perfect setup jank and all

    J KJ K2 dagen geleden
  • burn a ps3 game? lol

    SergeantLuSergeantLu2 dagen geleden
  • G-Pro a good mouse? i had the left buttons of 2 fail in a year. now my powerplay mousepad is collecting dust.

    H DH D2 dagen geleden
  • Man I wish I had these gaming set ups

    Penetrator877_on_fn DJPenetrator877_on_fn DJ2 dagen geleden
    • i know mee too :(

      Shashvat DeshmukhShashvat Deshmukh2 dagen geleden
  • bro intel sucks

    Zach S.Zach S.2 dagen geleden
    • i mean its not That bad, its just not the best

      Shashvat DeshmukhShashvat Deshmukh2 dagen geleden
  • anyone else notice the katya painting?

    Michaella ByrneMichaella Byrne2 dagen geleden
  • If anyone could push a 10100 to overclock through sheer willpower, it would be David.

    Rogue R34P3RRogue R34P3R2 dagen geleden
  • 3:01 whos gonna tell him

    50kxgamerYT50kxgamerYT2 dagen geleden
  • S_rpr1z3

    StareStare2 dagen geleden
  • I wish I got sponsored by intel

    Linden BennettLinden Bennett2 dagen geleden
  • Water cooled arm pits. 👍🏻

    Stefano ZannoniStefano Zannoni2 dagen geleden
  • bruh dont play bot in siege .....

    adeladel2 dagen geleden
  • Where is the cool hair? Sadge...

    ZukotohZukotoh2 dagen geleden
  • The unkempt playroom methodologically whine because pint emphatically whistle towards a embarrassed orchid. hulking, delirious robert

    Miguel HernandezMiguel Hernandez2 dagen geleden
  • Anthony and David was the most prepared ones for the upgrade xd

    manurz1manurz12 dagen geleden
  • Ey David the video

    manurz1manurz12 dagen geleden
  • David : Im the only ohne using an ursa for streaming My Head : Doesn’t Ninja use 5 of these xD

    Void_MaxiiiVoid_Maxiii2 dagen geleden
  • That's almost as gamer as my rig

    PhyshStyccPhyshStycc2 dagen geleden
  • Pewdiepie also uses a URSA mini to stream, I believe

    Rasmus AbrahamssonRasmus Abrahamsson2 dagen geleden
  • first thing i google after this vid : how to work at ltt store

    LeoxLeox2 dagen geleden
  • Why can’t this be me

    h2x foxphantom22h2x foxphantom222 dagen geleden
  • 11:13 I'm pretty sure Pewdiepeie had an Ursa 4.6k G2 at least at some point You can't tell from the video quality, but it was in the mirror :D

    The MaxThe Max2 dagen geleden
  • You don't need the dongle in the powerplay pad. I thought it did, but now i have the dongle in my laptop and the pad on my PC. Turn off mouse and back on again and it selects the different device. Easy peasy.

    Troy StarkeyTroy Starkey2 dagen geleden
  • Where is Dennis at so he can call this “minimalistic”

    Hydro DoughboiHydro Doughboi2 dagen geleden
  • His NAS is just like mine I built at the end of 2019. Its a Fractal Design Define case as well, with X570 / Ryzen 9 3950x and triple radiators and a GTX 10 series card 😂

    JarskyJarsky2 dagen geleden
  • I think Pewdiepie also uses an Ursa as a Webcam.

    Lucas TVLucas TV2 dagen geleden
  • jankiest :)

    Kristoffe BrodeurKristoffe Brodeur2 dagen geleden
  • Hihahihahiiiii Just his laugh

    Erik El NordicoErik El Nordico2 dagen geleden
  • Random nuts. I lost

    Maridane AngellineMaridane Angelline2 dagen geleden
  • I heard someone say Linus will do anything for money, and promote products he doesn't even care about. Don't worry Linus! I stood up for you. I told them that self-promotion and money are not important to you. You would never promote a product you didn't truly believe in. Take your water bottles for instance, I am sure they supply you with more than enough liquid while you are gaming. Gaming can be extremely exhausting, especially extreme gaming. I am certain Linus offers water bottles, because he has a genuine concern for everyone's well-being. I can only conclude that staying hydrated is high on his list of importance. I would never dare consider that he is only selling water bottles, because he wants to make money. After all, water bottles are fundamental to offering tech tips. I am still waiting for Linus to deliver a lecture on programming or the fine details of electronic circuitry. No problem. I am sure those videos are forthcoming. Such videos would truly make Linus worthy of the status he accolades himself with. No matter. One critic remarked that he no longer has the choice of not watching Linus Tech Tips. This critic remarked that YT recommendations constantly bombard him with Linus' smug facial expressions. I defended Linus and remarked that Linus has not been artificially made successful and that his content is truly worthy of the millions of views he receives. Don't worry Linus! A lot of people resent your peculiar inexplicable popularity. But, I haven't questioned your natural talent for a moment.

    2Bit2Bit2 dagen geleden
  • You know someone is an OG when he plays Parrapa.

    frikbertfrikbert2 dagen geleden
  • That giggle though

    Li3n CLi3n C2 dagen geleden