The Disney PC is REAL and WE GOT ONE!

16 mrt. 2021
1 527 249 Weergaven

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Disney, the company famous for its beloved animated films and shows, made a computer in the early 2000s… but why tho?
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • having CC on when the zoomer was drawing "(Zoomer laughing)" genuinely made my day

    MrHohum9MrHohum917 uur geleden
  • pov: hobo looks in trash at disney world and finds a pc

    Dum DumDum Dum21 uur geleden
  • This came out when I was born-

    Carat LOVECarat LOVEDag geleden
  • Did anyone else think about the frozen Walt Disney theory when he said “Mickey Mouse cooling”?

    Austin WilburnAustin WilburnDag geleden
  • Anyone else notice Goofy doesn’t ride his board goofy? I only remembered that because I do.

    LinnyLinnyDag geleden
  • I… I want this case for a fun sleeper build.

    LinnyLinnyDag geleden
  • Part of me is like, keep it as a collectors item Part of me is like, put threadripper and a pair of 3090's in it.

    CorganoCorganoDag geleden
  • My favorite part is 15:46 because she's trying to select something that's already selected.

    lethaunticlethaunticDag geleden
  • 7:09 why is their face and voice censored?

    BestFullAlbumsBestFullAlbumsDag geleden

    Stephen ReganStephen ReganDag geleden
  • Madison needs to experience Kid Pix

    Brooke AireannaBrooke Aireanna2 dagen geleden
  • Nice Stories Video. :)

    Creative indonesia2021Creative indonesia20212 dagen geleden
  • I'm 20 and I know you need an audio cable. I know a lot about computers, though, so I guess I understand

    gabe80milliongabe80million2 dagen geleden
  • I pay for youtube premium but your ads remind me of how it was before... Just as intruding but a bit less annoying

    AtomskAtomsk2 dagen geleden
  • Buys PC, Slowly types in P-O-R-N-H...

    Tin NguyenTin Nguyen2 dagen geleden
  • imagine playing osu on this pen and keyboard 💀

    TyeTye2 dagen geleden
  • Time to upgrade this to a busted gaming pc lol

    MetalKLMetalKL2 dagen geleden
  • Twentyy dollars for a mini pillow?? 😮

    H CH C3 dagen geleden
  • The rainy pastry exceptionally unlock because poison phylogenitically prefer near a sore revolve. macabre, petite sock

    Joseph KellerJoseph Keller3 dagen geleden
  • is she jewish

    Patrick derpPatrick derp3 dagen geleden
  • Play Warzone on it

    •BEANZZ••BEANZZ•3 dagen geleden
  • making the inside of the pc a gaming pc

    Riley PetersRiley Peters3 dagen geleden
  • 13:29 What about Disney+?

    Rodolfo AmbrizRodolfo Ambriz3 dagen geleden
  • i got your ad on honey before this..

    ilikemacsalotilikemacsalot4 dagen geleden
  • lol Disney is the WORST company in the world to support. Why would you buy anything from them?

    RonRon4 dagen geleden
  • I loved playing Toontown in the 2000s as a kid, It's what made MMOs one of my most favourite genres. Everyone at school played Club Penguin and I felt cool not playing just some browser game. Can't believe the original game closed almost 10 years ago already.

    kobwmoosekobwmoose4 dagen geleden
  • The monitor turned off makes it look like a screaming frog and I love it to death

    reddredd4 dagen geleden
  • hook that sucker up with mad specs

    Mike OckMike Ock4 dagen geleden
  • The audio guy nails a funnier joke so Linus negs him about not knowing what a VGA cable does.

    DurkMcGerkDurkMcGerk4 dagen geleden
  • make a sleeper from this thing

    Mark BowmanMark Bowman4 dagen geleden
  • I still use coretemp because it opens quickly and it just works

    gryph0n1gryph0n14 dagen geleden
  • I love how they both use the stylus on flat surfaces when it's actually supposed to be used straight on the monitor

    Calum SandersonCalum Sanderson5 dagen geleden
  • Loved the IMAX scenes six minutes in there

    Calum SandersonCalum Sanderson5 dagen geleden
  • "My considerably lighter wallet" well you *are* running a business, Linus

    Calum SandersonCalum Sanderson5 dagen geleden
  • This is perfect for playing cs:go, I am gonna buy this right now!

    FlamingKactusFlamingKactus5 dagen geleden
  • Ridge wallets are too expensive for me ***Meanwhile me trying to get the Mama Luigi plush (kellytoy)***

    Sylveon Gaming Main ChannelSylveon Gaming Main Channel5 dagen geleden
  • God dammit I was saving a small percent of what make for one of these but now the prices is gonna be high as hell

    jonah tvjonah tv5 dagen geleden
  • Wait I still use coretemp.

    Vinnie JVinnie J5 dagen geleden
  • you should put a 3090 in that thing

    Biggie cheeseBiggie cheese5 dagen geleden
  • Linus Disney Tips

    Cool Legends GamingCool Legends Gaming5 dagen geleden
  • 9:37 is the real one sorry

    SuperflySuperfly5 dagen geleden
  • 7:53 ugh skip here if you want the real video. it's cool

    SuperflySuperfly5 dagen geleden
  • Drop a 3090 in it lol

    Nova The FuskyNova The Fusky5 dagen geleden
  • Imange just whipping this out in a cash cup

    2% tama2% tama5 dagen geleden
  • me as a 16 year old with huge hands can confirm that controller is BIG

    JacksonActionYTJacksonActionYT6 dagen geleden
  • everyone gangsta till the disney computer pulls up

    snokeygamingsnokeygaming6 dagen geleden
  • “There was nothing like this when I was 5.” Hello?! Kidpix has been a thing since nineties!

    Lunar ButterflyLunar Butterfly6 dagen geleden
  • ImAgine linus making a gaming channel lol

    The RealDevPlayzThe RealDevPlayz6 dagen geleden
  • Would be interesting if he tried to play OSU with that stylus

    Sergietor756Sergietor7566 dagen geleden
  • HOW TO WIN😍🤩🥰

  • Honestly you have to make this a sleeper PC now

    CanyonCanyon6 dagen geleden
  • Disney watches in the background. I think we should relaunch this with updated tech. We can milk this.

    Daniel CardenasDaniel Cardenas6 dagen geleden
  • Meepcity looks very similar to Toontown. Very strange...

    PiamerPiamer7 dagen geleden
  • turns into a gamer PC!

    Igor DomingosIgor Domingos7 dagen geleden
  • At first I thought that it was BTX, but it seems more like a reversed ATX...

    Giacinto BocciaGiacinto Boccia7 dagen geleden
  • 9:35 I remember getting a copy of that Goofy Skateboarding game in a box of cereal

    AsmoJayAsmoJay7 dagen geleden
  • 5:19 Linus and Bitwit are one conformed

    iEddieiEddie7 dagen geleden
  • mickey *mouse*

    hularghularg7 dagen geleden
  • 2 sponsors in one video..????????

    Dmitri LegovickisDmitri Legovickis7 dagen geleden
  • Kid me would have the time of my LIFE playing ToonTown on this bad boy

    LilytoonLilytoon7 dagen geleden
  • Can you connect it and the hot wheels monitor to a modern pc

    ConSha2!ConSha2!8 dagen geleden
  • walter

    Kenny McCormickKenny McCormick8 dagen geleden
  • Best part 16:37 when it gets presented as if it was some top gaming gear.

    praszupraszu8 dagen geleden
  • 9:00 these insane product placement ads remind me of "Truman Show"

    praszupraszu8 dagen geleden
  • Made by Medion... ALDI ! I have expewrienced a Medion PC in early 2000s and it was one of the most silent, best looking small PCs ever.

    praszupraszu8 dagen geleden
  • 12:33 they switched to club penguin

    The GamingwithcThe Gamingwithc8 dagen geleden
  • My main pc is for gaming stuff but what I find interesting that I do is I still use a computer from 2008 for school. It’s a early 2008 iMac 4gb ram 2.66ghz core 2 duo and 256mb video memory

    PedigreedPig014PedigreedPig0148 dagen geleden
  • I remember Comp usa from when I was a little kid, I would call it comp yousuh, cus I didn't get it was USA

    Plant Based GamingPlant Based Gaming8 dagen geleden
  • whats the bet linus has baby hands

    End3rTechEnd3rTech8 dagen geleden
  • Rip the guts out! And make it a powerful as you can!

    Dinosaur JuiceDinosaur Juice8 dagen geleden
  • “I half expected to find speedfan on here” I still use speed fan everyday 👁👄👁👌🏻

    Drain MacLaineDrain MacLaine8 dagen geleden
  • Build a gaming pc in the mickey mouse pc

    William MénardWilliam Ménard8 dagen geleden
  • You guys just unlocked a memory for me 😂

    Sebastian ReedSebastian Reed8 dagen geleden
  • Dude I still use CoreTemp to this day shut up

    Johnny BeGoodeJohnny BeGoode8 dagen geleden
  • I D E A R Y O U to try and run a VR headset on this

    Koro SenseiKoro Sensei9 dagen geleden
  • "Remember coretemp?" Bruh I'm still using it.

    pafnutiytheartistpafnutiytheartist9 dagen geleden
  • 7:11 Very cute voice

    KQKQ9 dagen geleden
  • next try to download fortnite if you can and see how it runs

    JDoggJDogg9 dagen geleden
  • Use that case and build a modern computer with it and let your kids have it lol

    Will SimsWill Sims9 dagen geleden
  • Yeah, we got one!

    Heaven Piercing ManHeaven Piercing Man9 dagen geleden
  • Lmao I saw this at a thrift store

    The Toon ArchivistThe Toon Archivist9 dagen geleden
  • Hi Linus! Can u give me advice on a good gaming pc?

    DreamsDreams9 dagen geleden
  • ToonTown? No thanks... Pirates Online? Yes ty TLOPO!

    Nick Sparrow StudiosNick Sparrow Studios9 dagen geleden
  • 13:13 sence when did BIG OOF work there?

    Harry TownsleyHarry Townsley9 dagen geleden
  • I wished I had this to play those Kim Possible flash games on the Disney Channel website!

    Uthman BakshUthman Baksh10 dagen geleden
  • *You Know what I'm thinking Mickey Mouse Pc RTX ON*

    TeleDannyTeleDanny10 dagen geleden
  • Literally me who actually has a Microsoft XP computer from 2010. Well I’m still using it just to watch NLworld videos, how nice.

  • 14:06 M DAWWG IZ BACK

    William SearleWilliam Searle10 dagen geleden
  • Idk if controller is just as big as duke Xbox controller

    ZepexVODSZepexVODS10 dagen geleden
  • I got a power Mac g 4 if you want to do some fun stuff with it

    Lone Wolf OutdoorsLone Wolf Outdoors10 dagen geleden
  • That dvd drive was made when i was born lol

    itsnaflolitsnaflol10 dagen geleden
  • This computer is better than mine

    ItzCheckmarkhereItzCheckmarkhere10 dagen geleden
  • Can the mouse drag click?

    Shane Gio Z. A. BarusShane Gio Z. A. Barus10 dagen geleden
  • Disney Pix, Disney Flix, and Disney Mix But where's Disney Dix?

    AdieAdie10 dagen geleden
  • That thing is better than my 2005 PC. Sigh.

    Draško StanojevićDraško Stanojević11 dagen geleden
  • Loving the Mullet Linus

    Mokslo BrokolisMokslo Brokolis11 dagen geleden
  • now cut it up and build a 3090 sleeper pc

    Jacques TaljaardJacques Taljaard11 dagen geleden
  • Weren't there a few reskins of pro skater made? I can't find anything on a quick search but it might actualy be pro skater.

    TheAkashicTravellerTheAkashicTraveller11 dagen geleden
  • I still use core temp :x

    LonacLonac11 dagen geleden
  • make it sleeper

    RyptoryxRyptoryx11 dagen geleden