How far will Intel GO?

30 mrt. 2021
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Intel’s 11th-gen Core architecture wasn’t supposed to be on 14nm - But it is. Let’s find out what kinds of trade-offs they’ve had to make to make Rocket Lake take off…
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  • Intel out here making processors for space heaters

    DimensionalconsciousnessDimensionalconsciousnessUur geleden
  • Intel take this F.

    HenryHenryUur geleden
  • it's awesome

    زار ممد _ZAR MAMMADزار ممد _ZAR MAMMAD2 uur geleden
  •'s good

    زار ممد _ZAR MAMMADزار ممد _ZAR MAMMAD2 uur geleden
  • Why are they using a i5 why not something like a i7-10700k that would perform better than a I5 i and this is where people switch to amd cuz people put low powered CPUs against AMDs prossesers that you can't find for msrp or even just finding them in general is almost impossible.

    John S.rJohn S.r4 uur geleden
  • Hey Linus. I want to know how do you use The resources of a VM or any other System using your Systems hardware..... Is it boot via Network or what??? Like i have installed 6 Virtual Machines on a server. And my Team wants to use those VM's on their stations W/O RDP or Any other client. Any Solution????

    Khawaja MakKhawaja Mak5 uur geleden
  • So basically, Rocket Lake is exactly how it sounds; A rocket fuel lake on fire.

    Shrkkng55Shrkkng5511 uur geleden
  • We would like a show called everyone loves Anthony

    Dope Boss GamerzDope Boss Gamerz12 uur geleden
  • is this the "mining" i keep hearing about

    sectivesective13 uur geleden
  • The only stupid thing this gen is intel not supporting 11th gen bottomlake and give it to h410&b460 users

    HuntaKillerHuntaKiller15 uur geleden
  • All I see is the price difference.

    Mosb AhMosb Ah22 uur geleden
  • intel is the best better than amd but ryzen is better ya i dont think ryzen is better so

    thedark gamerthedark gamerDag geleden
  • I liked just for the intro !

    Félix LessangeFélix LessangeDag geleden
  • How is the use of the two gpu (the one integrated in the cpu and the one on the dedicated graphics card)? Let me explain, does it make sense to buy a cpu with integrated gpu when you already have a graphics card? Perhaps the integrated gpu in the cpu relieves the graphics card of some minor tasks (internet, movies, etc.) thus extending its life? In short, i5 11400 or i5 11400f?

    Sandro OrlandoniSandro OrlandoniDag geleden
  • wanted 11400 f to be included here

    Bruno P.Bruno P.Dag geleden
  • That intro though 🤣🤣🤣

    Ayabonga HlweleAyabonga HlweleDag geleden
  • I think we can skip the 1080p comparisons at this point. Nobody running a 10900 is interested in 1080p

    Deen ODeen ODag geleden
  • There something weirdly satisfying about Anthony saying: "curbstomp". and I got to say Anthony as mad scientist 10/10.

    HetaOfficialHetaOfficialDag geleden
  • Awesome

    Todd DTodd DDag geleden
  • the title is basically: the new intel processor is garbage :0

    Immortal_ ArabImmortal_ ArabDag geleden
  • you mister speak very unsynchronized

    kfundationkfundationDag geleden
  • Funfact: AMD was founded by ex Intel-Enginers xD I´m AMD Fan since 2003 :)

    keinohrhasi79keinohrhasi792 dagen geleden
  • Comment for algorithm

    Bits 360Bits 3602 dagen geleden
  • Anthony is the best part of this channel.

    ZaccoZacco2 dagen geleden
  • Anyone notice they are now comparing Intel to AMD rather than the other way around.

    Maximum EffortMaximum Effort2 dagen geleden
  • So what better ryzen 9 or core i9 9900k remake

    Damar AlfaruqDamar Alfaruq2 dagen geleden
  • He needs to lose some weight or someone will be digging his grave

    LaOm33LaOm332 dagen geleden
  • And this is why I love amd. Way better, but expensive.

    Gamer CatGamer Cat2 dagen geleden
  • Can I borrow a 3080?

    GaminWolf AltGaminWolf Alt2 dagen geleden
  • anthony tech tips 😂

    BryanX21-_-BryanX21-_-2 dagen geleden
  • Where is the 5950x

    Fishii BunFishii Bun2 dagen geleden
  • I'm concerned about the uprise in processor power draw. What will it be like in about 10 years? - 500 plus watt processor power draw at stock speed, or does one have to buy stock in their local electrical utility company?

    N TN T2 dagen geleden
  • IMO: The i9 10900 (non-K) is the sweet spot.

    N TN T2 dagen geleden
  • wow that i5 11600k was almost at 80c holy crap

    TewksTewks2 dagen geleden
  • I came for Linus I’m clicking off

    retroONgfuelretroONgfuel3 dagen geleden
  • The first sponsor announcement just killed me complete :D

    M.K.P.M.K.P.3 dagen geleden
  • say what you will but i9-11900k has the best looking box in the CPU world

    EvilsamarEvilsamar3 dagen geleden
  • This is why I am doing any big computer builds til intel manages to get a decent manufacturing process. I have ryzen but I hate tech monopolies

    KamiOtamegaKamiOtamega3 dagen geleden
  • i5-11400F is the real star of this gen. 11th gen Intel's high power draw & thermals mean the 11600K barely clocks any faster even when overclocking. The 11400F comes within like 10% of the performance of the 11600K or Ryzen 5 5600X for almost half the price.

    MGMan37MGMan373 dagen geleden
  • Is there a way to fix corrupted hard drives or do i just destroy it

    Adrian. ColtonAdrian. Colton3 dagen geleden
  • Anthony is like the Jesus of computer world.

    Yar MoomYar Moom3 dagen geleden
  • I see Anthony in the thumbnail i click the video without reading the title, like it, and proceed to watch with glee. I adore all the love he's getting in the comments!

    Attila KosAttila Kos3 dagen geleden
  • better then netflix

    LNC13LNC133 dagen geleden
  • Why’s this fat guy look like the spider from monsters inc

    ChristianChristian3 dagen geleden
  • Yes

    alexdennis435alexdennis4353 dagen geleden
  • With that intro I thought you were going to fire up the chainsaw and chase people into the woodshed...

    Myles RomanowMyles Romanow4 dagen geleden
  • Why the fuck they retrograded ???!

    chouaib samchouaib sam4 dagen geleden
  • I really enjoy Anthony’s energy and how he is always just so energetic

    i ride a trek for a livingi ride a trek for a living4 dagen geleden
  • Lol first time i saw anthony he is funny as fugggg

    Arda SoyluArda Soylu4 dagen geleden
  • It should be meme man.. Anthony saying JUST LIKE OUR SPONSOR

    Manan TrimbakeyManan Trimbakey4 dagen geleden
  • The way you presented the data in this video is horribly confusing. Just a rapid fire series of charts with little explanation and terrible labling such that I found it extremely difficult to figure out which comparisons I should be making.

    P METP MET4 dagen geleden
  • enjoys with a movie vibe *just like our sponsor* 😶😶

    NogoBloxNogoBlox4 dagen geleden
  • :)

    Mr MonkeMr Monke4 dagen geleden
  • nerd lol

    Hamhim OfficialHamhim Official4 dagen geleden
  • They were so nostalgic for the early 2010s that they even brought a processor from that era into the present.

    ccc310ccc3104 dagen geleden
  • Honestly, I have an i7 6700k, doing professional work on it, gaming, etc and it feels like I will never need a cpu again.. Why all that fuss about cpus? What we really need is gpus.

    Micheal AndretisMicheal Andretis4 dagen geleden
  • Love Anthony's videos!

    Pettie95Pettie955 dagen geleden
  • Do we have longevity tests? It seems that AMD is a powerhouse for a while but it will crap out before intel. All my intel i7's have lasted well over 6 years going strong.

    Dominic PaulazzoDominic Paulazzo5 dagen geleden
  • will anthony take over once linus has retired? altho I'm 50% certain that people tune in just to watch linus drop something :D

    Nathan WestNathan West5 dagen geleden

    Majd HalumiMajd Halumi5 dagen geleden
  • This dude is great!

    Eric WoodEric Wood5 dagen geleden
  • Hey Sir, I like your presentation with computer gadgets, and also please audition to medieval movies and the like because you really can act the part of a lord or knight.

    Bob DoodleBob Doodle5 dagen geleden
  • Why backport if 10nm has higher IPC but lower GHz

    Ewka RatajczakEwka Ratajczak5 dagen geleden
  • Review 11400f

    akarsh shakyaakarsh shakya5 dagen geleden
  • The comment section is basically an Anthony fanboy page. love it

    Aaron NunezAaron Nunez5 dagen geleden
  • he's gppd actually

    Aminur RasyidAminur Rasyid5 dagen geleden
  • 0:23 kinda reminded me of joker

    PK MoonPK Moon5 dagen geleden
  • High youtube algorithm. Just leaving a positive comment you! 😀

    caleb hcaleb h6 dagen geleden
  • Anthony is the real reason Linus could retire and this channel could keep pulling in views and sponsors. He's the man.

    ThreeFirstNamesThreeFirstNames6 dagen geleden
  • I love his voice so relaxing!

    CallMeWxllCallMeWxll6 dagen geleden
  • Still glad I bought a Ryzen 9 3950X a year ago before the price hikes from scalpers

    Dan WhiteDan White6 dagen geleden
  • Honestly thought the first few seconds were an advert

    FarmYard GamingFarmYard Gaming6 dagen geleden
  • Are you monster?

    Nas ZackNas Zack6 dagen geleden
  • doom won't play????????? what to do need help?????

    BRIAN DAVIDBRIAN DAVID6 dagen geleden
  • linus is not going to get money from intel anymore

    RadiclesRadicles6 dagen geleden
  • If there’s a crawl, he ain’t able to do it.

    S TS T6 dagen geleden
  • Hey Linus long time watcher , i was hoping of reaching out to you hoping you'd help me aquire a graphics card i haven't been able to get ahold of one everything is out of stock , please i would appreciate the help

    Uriel RuizUriel Ruiz6 dagen geleden
  • I fucking love Anthony. I see him in the thumbnail, I click.

    Brent Jo C.Brent Jo C.6 dagen geleden
  • Andy in the thumbnail.. I click. I'm a simple man with simple needs

    KahnKahn6 dagen geleden
  • Just wondering is he fat or obeast? lmao.

    XeltqxFNXeltqxFN6 dagen geleden
  • i have i7 and its good is well

    Genadij OvčinikovGenadij Ovčinikov6 dagen geleden
  • 10 or 11th gen which would be better for Linux? Need iGPU so the Ryzen is out completely right now as GPU's at a fare price is like rocking horse shit. Fedora but I flexible on distro. Currently on a 2200G which for linux is good but when compiling code is slow. My Linux work is not GPU intensive so a iGPU is a deal maker.

    DJgregBrownDJgregBrown7 dagen geleden
  • Rise of the Anthony Tech Tips.

    Joshua TJoshua T7 dagen geleden
  • if i play forza horizon 4 its doesnt rlly matter with i pick

    its_ 0liverits_ 0liver7 dagen geleden
  • why are they ruining anthony

    Armand BelandArmand Beland7 dagen geleden
  • also, those almost 300watts pair nicely with an AIB 3090

    NateNate7 dagen geleden
  • nano inches is what you want for accirate measurement :)

    NateNate7 dagen geleden
  • We need more Anthony.

    glove_on_internetglove_on_internet7 dagen geleden
  • Considering its 14nm vs 7nm. Intel won and lost at the same time :)

    Anshul SinghAnshul Singh7 dagen geleden
  • Linus was so pissed off at the new Intel idiotic generation, preferring to entrust video to Anthony. Personally, this does not surprise me.

    GamingerGaminger7 dagen geleden
  • more anthony less linus

    Vaseline SquirrelVaseline Squirrel7 dagen geleden
  • Mostly useless info that 99.99 percent don't need and don't wanna know

    Avinash SinghAvinash Singh7 dagen geleden
  • ANTHONY You sound like a 2021 Toyota Camry comercial I just heard in radio

    Jose HerreraJose Herrera7 dagen geleden
  • Steve calls it a waste of sand, but at those temperatures we're really talking about a waste of glass.

    AnkstekAnkstek7 dagen geleden
    • Underrated comment

      Ross GoosenRoss Goosen5 dagen geleden
    • waste of electricity

      ЖИЗНЬ В ЛЮКСЕЖИЗНЬ В ЛЮКСЕ5 dagen geleden
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Intel: Backwards evolution is the best evolution guys.

    BanditoBandito7 dagen geleden
  • I wish everyone who clicked on this video the most love, peace and abundance. You’re so much closer than you realize.

    WigadamaWigadama7 dagen geleden
  • Intel over Ryzen trash anyday

    Eric SkylerEric Skyler7 dagen geleden
  • The man is cool

    HeimerblasterHeimerblaster7 dagen geleden
  • Love Anthony! Linus is cool too.

    zt9233zt92337 dagen geleden